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Saline Injection in Pussy, Torture with Electrosex. Extreme Fisting Videos, Nettles, Hot Wax candle, Bondage and Needles

Extreme fisting videos, needles play and saline injections, bdsm, nettles torture, pumping, bondage, tortured orgasms with electric stimulation, extreme anal sex, cervix fucking, peehole fucking insertions and giant objects.

You can watch here little samples in low resolution. Buy the hot video you like and download it in HQ. You only pay for the video you want and no membership required. There are many hard and hot movies in differents stuffs, bondage, anal sex, fisting, dildos, nettles torture, pee hole play and cervix playing, breast saline, pumping, milking, electric torment, stretching, gape, needles play, weird objects, bdsm, hardcore and kinky porn. The videos are made in very good resolution with original sound and avi format Xvid or Mp4.

Tortured female with 40 syringes filled with saline to inflate her tits and pussy labia. Video very hard with salined breasts and pussy showing how the needles are nailed, injected the saline and leave the syringes inserted. Next she get a orgasm with vibrator on clitoris while the syringes stay nailed moving frantically.

Inflation with Saline Injections in Tits and Pussy

Syringe with saline are inyected very fast to increase torture 17 Syiringes with saline are inyected in each tit Injecting saline into the tormented lips of pussy Female tortured with saline Injections in Tits and Pussy
Runtime: 33:32 High Definition
File: 807 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 55 US$

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Female urethral masturbation fingering, extreme peehole fucking with drilldo, then her partner insert a funnel into her urethra and fill her bladder with semen and piss and next she pee into a glass and drinking all piss mixed with cum. She get her orgasm with a vibrator on clitoris while he fucking her urethra with the drilldo.

Peehole Play with Drilldo and Fill Bladder with Cum and Piss

Female urethral masturbation fingering Extreme peehole fucking with drilldo. Drill with dildo. Sounding urethra with japanese metal rod Filling her bladder with semen and piss using a funnel into her urethra
Runtime: 30:00 High Definition
File: 797 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 59 US$

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2 cumshots are collected to fill a 5 ml syringe by German electrosex unit and a blowjob. The syringe with long tube is used to penetrate the cervix up to the deepest of the uterus and then a injection of sperm fill the womb. A vibrator is used as plug into cervix until she get orgasm and next she eats the creampie.

Injection of Sperm into Uterus

Collecting semen to fill a syringe Insertion of the syringe into cervix and injection of sperm into uterus Vibrator is used as plug into cervix until she get orgasm She eats the creampie of the uterus with a spoon
Runtime: 26:09 High Definition
File: 660 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 59 US$

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Needle torture extreme BDSM 3. Breast torment with needles in a skin cord up to her nipples which is then swollen with saline injections and filled with needles. Also, scene of a nail inserted into her nipple using a hammer and then screw is screwed with a screwdriver. Perverse movie with saline injections and needles.

Perverse Torture with Saline, Needles and Sharp Objects

She has a skin cord up to the nipples Tits swollen with saline injections Nail into nipple using a hammer Screw into nipple with a screwdriver
Runtime: 24:00 High Definition
File: 636 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 39 US$

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Female sounding and urethral stimulation with objects and fingering. Extreme fucking the pee hole with a toy dick deeply until orgasm. Girl masturbate fingering her urethra, then she play the pisshole with a brush, fills her bladder with milk and next fucking peehole with a dildo to orgasm. Finally pee and drinks the milk.

Peehole Fucking with Dildo while Bladder is full of Milk

Girl masturbate fingering her urethra Her bladder is filled with milk using a funnel inserted into urethra She play the pisshole with a paint brush Fucking her peehole with a dildo to orgasm
Runtime: 30:02 High Definition
File: 760 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 29 US$

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Torture with needles in breast nipples and pussy lips after vacuum pumping, inflated with saline infusion and tied with japanese chopsticks using rubbers bands. A tit nipple was brutally pumped and produced painful hurt with blisters. Masturbation with vibrator on swollen pumped cunt and anal dildo until orgasm.

Extreme Female Saline Inflation and Pumping

Pussy lips injected with saline after vacuum pumped Extreme vaccum pumping pussy Swollen pumped pussy lips and saline inflated Saline infusion and tied with japanese chopsticks using rubbers bands
Runtime: 40:36 High Definition
File: 1 Gb Pix:1280x720
Price: 49 US$

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Extreme peehole play with 5 brushes insertion, fingering very deep, fucking with huge vibrator until orgasm and then a large threaded screw into peehole brutally inserted using a tool. The most extreme pee hole fucking video with objects masturbating and sounding the urethra. Torture the pisshole with screw inserted.

Peehole Fucking with Vibrator and then a threaded Screw

Pee hole play with 5 brushes Peehole fucking with a vibrator Large threaded screw into peehole Screw into peehole brutally threaded using a tool
Runtime: 30:50 High Definition
File: 821 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 29 US$

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Extreme cervix closeup stretched wide by speculum inserted until uterus brutally gaped. Fucking deeply with japanese sounds until womb while open cervix with speculum and vibrator on clitoris until orgasm. Semen insertion directly into uterus using a funnel and a tube inside until fill it. Hot cervical gyno video fetish.

Open Cervix with Speculum and Semen Insertion in Uterus

Extreme cervix closeup stretched wide by speculum Wide open cervix with speculum Extreme cervix speculum gaping at the best gyno fetish Semen insertion directly into uterus using a funnel
Runtime: 30:00 High Definition
File: 798 Mb Pix:1280x720
Price: 39 US$

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Extreme BDSM female in multiple orgasms with no control tortured for 1 hour using a german electrostimulator connected to anal buttplug, clamp on labia and clitoris, a similar Hitachi vibrator, fisting with glove with bristles and a powerful drilldo. Electrosex and applying objects for best video of continuos orgasms.

Bondage Multiple Orgasms with Torture devices for 1 hour

Forced orgasms with electrostimulation, electrosex Torture to get continuos orgasms with drilldo Female tied with vibrator as Hitachi magic wand on clitoris Extreme fisting pussy to forced multiple orgasms with glove full of bristles
Runtime: 72:08 High Definition
File: 1.20 Gb Pix:1280x720
Price: 69 US$
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